For those of us who can afford a personal trainer, it is a convenient solution to staying fit in the modern world. However, for the rest us, having a standard personal trainer is often problematic. The truth is that a personal trainer simply isn’t compatible with many lifestyles. For those who still have to deal with reality, here are some common problems associated with traditional personal training and a unique option to deal with them.

1. It's costly.

Not only do most personal trainers charge a hefty hourly fee – $70.00 per hour is not an uncommon quote – they also charge it over an extended period. Because of this, you will end up losing money in the short run and long run. Loss of money is especially evident when you take into account how unnecessary a long-term trainer is for the majority of lifestyles!

2. You are limiting your growth.

Although a personal trainer can help develop your fitness abilities, they can also make you more dependent on them. If not careful it's possible to wind up entirely reliant on your trainer for all your fitness needs. While this may be an acceptable compromise to some, it makes more sense for one to pursue personal excellence.

3. It is risky.

If a trainer is asking you join them on a yearlong journey where you will discover your inner power and gain unforeseen strength,  you should be at least a little bit skeptical. Essentially what's happening is that you are being asked to gamble with your money, your time, and your fitness results over an extended period, all on a person whom you know very little about. Unfortunately, it is way too easy to end up with an incompetent trainer for such a long time.

So what are you to do?

Personal trainers may be incompatible with your life due to their perpetual nature. Maybe you don't want to be dependent on a trainer, or perhaps you simply don't want to waste your money on them.

Well, fear not!

Altius is a service developed from the ground up for people like you in mind. With the Altius approach, you will receive a 6-week block of training consultations designed to get you "fitness-independent". Our aim is to get you permanently fit in just 6 weeks. For those interested, there is even the option to try out the service with a no-obligations, free trial. Schedule your free trial now and you can experience it for yourself!