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YouTube is full of great content creators. In the fitness space it can be intimidating to know which ones are the best to start with. This blog post is going to feature the best YouTube channels for beginner-intermediates to watch in order to learn more about fitness and get better return from time spent in the gym. 

LEARNING through IMMERSION is something I'm a huge fan of. This basically means that if you want to maximize your learning about a given topic - immerse yourself in that topic as much as possible. An easy way to achieve this is by subscribing to the best YouTube channels in a given field.

With that in mind - I've put together a list of the best channels on YouTube. The featured channels were selected based on the knowledge of the author, quality of content, and enjoyment to watch.


RECOMMENDED VIDEO: Dispelling myths about a celebrity transformation. 

Hands down the best YouTube channel in the fitness space that I've come across. Run by physiotherapist Jeff Cavaliere it's safe to say that all the videos on this channel are well researched and supported by practical science. Additionally, and equally as importantly, the videos on this channel are very well explained and easy to consume. Perhaps the most accessible, science based fitness videos. (I will warn you that the use of click bait on this channel is quite noticeable so if a thumbnail is alarming to you - watch the video and get the context!)


RECOMMENDED VIDEO: How anybody can do proper pushups

Science backed fitness videos in the female fitness space tied together with a very affable personality. Abby backs up almost every claim with a clear citation and source - but is deeply empathetic to her viewership. I'd subscribe to her channel regardless of who you are - although her videos are skewed towards the female fitness niche; beginners can learn a lot by being exposed to the way she stresses the importance of rationale, and breakdowns her references at times.


RECOMMENDED VIDEO: Some uncommon back exercises for mass.

In the words of Gabriel: "Fitness is meant to be fun, not do or die". The perfect marriage between informative and entertaining content. The niche he serves is definitely leaning towards the bodybuilding community - regardless of what your goals are though his "Teach me Tuesdays" format can probably benefit you in some way. He's fantastic at understanding the importance of framing fitness from the perspective of something that can actually be enjoyable.

Honourable Mention... BROSCIENCELIFE

RECOMMENDED VIDEO: The Brofessor cleverly calls out some "Instagram Trainers"

You'd definitely need a finely tuned sarcasm detector to get the most out of this channel. BroScienceLife is all about satire delivered by an actually knowledgeable source. It can definitely result in some actual benefits for you, while providing a good laugh. I should leave a disclaimer about the colourful... language and humour on this channel. "Bro Science", hilariously defined as "50% fact, 50% magic, 100% results" will require you to pick out the  insights hidden in the satire. Take everything said on this channel with a pinch (or  maybe a pound) of salt. 

That's the list for now! Hopefully you get something out of following these awesome content creators in the near future and learn by immersing yourself in the right content. Defintely subscribe to our mailing list and we'll send along part 2 which will feature more awesome YouTubers in the near future!