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Do you ever get worried after missing a workout? Not about the workout itself, but more about the slippery slope that you're now potentially on. That uneasy feeling that maybe, this is the beginning of the end. The first step in "falling off".

You might even be so afraid of falling off, that you never get started.

I've felt it. Even now, whenever I miss a workout I feel that creeping anxiety set in. Is my routine too much? Can I do this? Am I sure that I can handle all these priorities...?

I call this the "falling off syndrome".

From lots of experience I can say that all it takes is to miss a few sessions before it starts to feel like the whole routine is slipping away. I've been there. Many people have.



Enter: the Emergency Fitness Plan.


A version of your current plan that is simplified and stripped down; in such a way that you could maintain it through any of those more hectic periods in life; like when you have family over for the break, or work is picking up, or any other number of unpredictable things.

(I hope you didn't just scroll past that ^

Here's how to do it:

There's many different ways to do this kind of thing. For now I'll give you a general approach (let me know if you guys want prewritten emergency plans in the future).

The Altius approach focuses really heavily on doability. That's because it's important to look at not just if a plan is good, but if it's good for you. 

That's why - the most important thing is to adjust the schedule to maintain the doability of your routine.

Reduce your exercise sessions from whatever you are currently doing down to half (rounding down).  If you're aim is to be running 3 times per week, for example, we would drop that down to just 1.

This may not seem ideal, but it is. We can't do anything about life getting busy sometimes. And me telling you to "find the time" is frankly, not helpful.

With this method, we are preventing the loss of two things.

Firstly - we won't be losing any of the gains we've made because we'd be switching to maintenance mode.

Secondly, we won't be losing any of the habits we've earned either. Which is much more important for our success over time.

Lastly; always attach an end-date (and schedule it into your calendar) . By doing so we can remove the risk of allowing our emergency plan to replace our actual plan fully. 

It's not a complicated system, but that's exactly what you need when the chaos of life is trying to chase you down. Plans and goals can be complicated things, so simplicity is key! Make sure you give it a shot!