Hey guys,

So recently I had a meeting with a client - for the sake of this post lets call him Jim (hi Jim!). 

Jim told me that in the past he's struggled with keeping up with his fitness routine, because he wasn't getting results fast enough. He was stuck in a loop of getting on the fitness saddle, and then slowly falling off as he didn't get results. Then after a few months, he'd eventually climb back on, and repeat the whole thing again.

Jim was stuck in a loop. Sometimes the loop lasted a year, and sometimes it was just a few months.

With fitness, consistency is so important. And it's not impossible.

My advice is very simple. Focus on the behaviour, not the outcome.

If you TRULY want to achieve a constant balance of fitness and life, you NEED to stop setting just fitness goals and instead set a BEHAVIOUR goal as well.  

If your goal is to "lose x pounds" that's great - because you know what you want.  But its also the reason why so many people get demotivated when the results don't come instantly.

Week to week when we jump on the scale and it doesn't move as much as we want it to; or those biceps don't come in right away - its so easy to throw in the towel and lose motivation.


I'd like to put a challenge to you. Rather then focusing on a fitness goal, set and focus on a BEHAVIOUR goal. For Jim it was: "I'm going to get in 3 lifting sessions per week, every week".


Its natural for bodyweight and other variables to fluctuate a lot. Not only that do those variables fluctuate a ton, but we don't really have ANY direct control over these variables.

With a behaviour however, it's one of the few things we CAN actually have direct control over. It only makes sense then to focus on this from a goal-setting perspective.

Either you had 3 solid workouts, or didn't.

You either reached your goal, or you didn't.

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As long as you're going 3 times per week (for example) - you had a successful week. And the great thing about this - that it if you didn't YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You have SO MUCH control with this approach.

If you're not getting in the workouts - WHY? Is it too much time? Okay, change the frequency. Are they too boring? Okay, lets add some variety.  What are the reasons and, what can you change?

If you are getting in the workouts but still aren't getting results - SAME QUESTION - WHY? Is your intensity too low? Is your diet lacking? What can be done?

In both case it ALWAYS makes sense to START with a BEHAVIOUR goal.

Start real simple if you're schedule is especially crazy. Once a week is fine, if that's what it takes. If you can do more, great! Just pick something you can do every single week.

I told Jim to let me worry about the fitness goals, and instead asked him to focus ONLY on the behaviour goals. He's been moving along and making progress every week since then - and the great part is: will continue to do so as long as he maintains his behaviour goal (which HE can CONTROL!!).

With the correct behaviour supporting it, there really is no limit to the fitness outcomes you (or the Jim in your life) can attain.

(hope you enjoyed the article! If you did, consider giving a share with someone who needs to set more than just a fitness goal too)